Split Ends Cause, Myth and Tips


In the beauty industry, split hair or split ends is known as trichoptilosis. There are wide range of reasons why split ends occur.

Some causes include:

1- Excessive use of hot styling tools (irons, hot curlers, blow dryers, hot combs).

2- Overuse of chemical treatments (relaxers, perms, hair color).

3- Excessive use of styling products such as gels, waxes and sprays or any with alcohol.

4- Environmental damage from heat, cold, wind and other climate issues.

5- Lack of routine maintenance such as regular trimming. Use the Split-Ender for that!

6- Improper detangling techniques.

7- Overwashing.

8- Use of inferior hair care products.

9- Use of inferior styling to ols that rip or snag hair (cheap synthetic brushes or combs, brush rollers, etc.,).

10- Shower hard water, ocean salt water, pools & spas chlorine, UV rays.


Regardless of how you developed split ends, once you have them they will not just disappear. You will have to deal with them by either having them removed, wearing your hair to disguise their appearance or utilizing tricks to temporarily merge the splits together.

There are a lot of myths about split ends. The number one myth is that once a split end occurs, you can actually fix it by repairing it so that the end is no longer torn. As we all know that is the biggest lie we have being told for years by those expensive hair products companies and your stylist.

The truth of the matter is that once an end is split it is ripped apart for good! The GOOD NEWS IS... The Split-Ender is here! This revolutionary invention efficiently trims the ends of the hair were damaged hair ends, dry and split ends are found while preserving the long beautiful healthy hair. It just trim from 1/8" to 1/4" of the ends alone. That is amazing... and the best part is that you can save money by doing it your self at the comfort of your home, but more important now you can save your long hair. Remember ... The only way to remove a split end is to cut it off.

Tips for a better hair!

1- Shampoo your hair and use a moisturizing formula.

2- Use a good rinse out conditioner making sure to slather the ends where the splits may exist.

3- Rinse well and then do a cool to cold rinse to seal the hair's cuticles and ends, adding instant sleekness and glossiness.

4- Towel blot and then apply your favorite leave-in conditioner to your damp tresses.

5- Detangle your strands with a wide tooth comb.

6- Pour a capsule of our specially develope Miracle Silk Restoration Serum into the balms of your hands.

7- Glide the Miracle Silk Serum coated hands over the ends of your hair making sure to focus more serum on the ends of your hair.

8- Use a large paddle as the one we include on the Split-Ender or round brush when blow drying your hair. Do not over use the heat as this is one of the biggest cause of hair damage. Use the cold air for the last minute or two to refresh your hair.

10- Style as usual!

Final Note! Avoid hot tools when possible. Use them only when necessary. Also when you brush your hair always start from the bottom and work your way up, this will prevent ripping your hair and breaking it. For proper maintenance, trim your hair every 4 to 6 weeks with the Original Split-Ender Maxi Kit as your regular hair maintenance to remove the unwanted dry, damage hair ends before they split. This will dramatically improved your hair preventing split ends while preserving the long beautiful healthy portion of it. Nothing will trim the hair as precise and efficient as the Split-Ender does. There is nothing like it out there. This is the patented split end trimmer, the fast and easy way! Good luck to you!




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