Troubleshooting your Split-Ender

1. What if my Split-Ender does not turn on?

1. Make sure that the four AA/Type L Batteries are installed properly in the unit. When you open the battery cover, you will see the indications of (+) and (-) for the direction to install the batteries.

2. If the batteries are installed correctly, make sure that the hair receptacle is completely attached to the handle and has clicked into place with the receptacle release. Also, make sure the hair plate lock switch is in the lock off position and that the hair plate lever is fully depressed.

2. What if my Split-En der does not snip my hair?

Check the directional switch. As you b r ush the Split-Ender in a downward motion through your hair, the directional switch should be set to the “ < on > ” switch pointing towards the floor. The Directional Switch is reversible.

Remember to reverse the directional switch. See the In struction Manual for clear directions.

3. What is the "whirring" sound I hear when the Split-Ender is turned on?

This sound indicates that the unit is functioning.

4. What if the Split-Ender tugs or pulls in my hair?

You may have too much hair on the hair plate or the section of hair you are working on is too wide or thick. Simply remove the section of hair from the unit, and repeat with a smaller, thinner section. You should also wash and dry your hair completely, and comb it free of tangles before using the Split-Ender.

5. How do I close my Split-Ender when I am not using it?

Make sure the directional switch is in the off position. Then, hold the hair plate closed. Locate the hair plate lock switch on the underside of the unit by the hair plate lever. Push the hair plate lock switch up to the lock on position. This will hold the hair plate closed in place. When you are ready to use your Split-Ender again, push the hair plate lock switch down to the lock off position and your hair plate will open.

6. How should I clean my Split-Ender?

To clean your Split-Ender, detach the hair receptacle from the handle by pressing the handle lock button on the top of the unit, and gently pull the hair receptacle until it detaches. Remove the plastic window from the top of the hair receptacle by pulling at the open section indicated by the arrows. To clean the hairs and to empty, use the Cleaning Brush (included with this kit.) S lightly tap the hair receptacle on top of a sheet of paper on the counter and see the results. Do not run water through the hair receptacle to avoid washing out the needed lubrication from the blade bushings.

NOTICE: The Split-Ender features a dual safety mechanism:

1. When the receptacle window cover is not installed, the Rotating Blade will not operate. Make sure to properly install the receptacle window cover back in to its place and with both arrows aiming each other before attaching the receptacle back on the main handle.

2. The second safety mechanism is the receptacle kill switch that is located inside the Split-Ender and is activated by the long hair receptacle pin. When the receptacle is not properly attached to the handle the Split-Ender will not work. Make sure to attach the hair receptacle securely to the handle after cleaning. If the window cover and hair receptacle are installed properly on the handle, your Split-Ender should be ready for use.

Important Notes

1. Do not use in one specific section more than another, since you may cause the hair to be trimme d unevenly. We recommend 3 strokes per section all the way around your head. More strokes may be required based on the damaged condition of your hair.

2. It is recommended that you use the Split-Ender every four to six weeks. However, if your hair is extremely damaged from numerous color treatments, hot styling tools, etc., the Split-Ender can be used every three weeks or as needed. DAILY USE OF THE SPLIT-ENDER IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

3. If you feel you are tugging or pulling your hair, you may have too much hair on the hair plate, or the section is too wide or too thick. Simply remove the section, and repeat with a smaller and/or thinner section.

4. Works best in straight hair. If you have curly or freeze hair you could properly straighten your hair before using the Split-Ender for best results. Results may vary with different types of hair.

5. The Split-Ender is not a toy. Keep out of the reach of children.





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Split-Ender® and Talavera™ are trademarks of Talavera Hair Products, Inc.
Copyright © 2007 Talavera Hair Products, Inc. All rights reserved.
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