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Do it yourself & save the precious length of your

hair while saving money on expensive hair treatments that don't really work! The Split Ender Maxi Kit Cordless split end trimmer Snips the ends, Not the lengths!

Say goodbye to split ends for ever!

New Surgy Trim System Technology!


You chose...


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BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS OF THE SPLIT-ENDER!!! These counterfeits have the Split-Ender name on it but do not work and are creating confusion with buyers thingking that is the ORIGINAL Split-Ender Maxi Kit wich is ONLY AVAILABLE HERE!!! BEWARE of old & new Reviews done for the Split-Ender Counterfeit which do not work!!! GET YOURS FROM THIS WEDSITE TO INSURE YOU ARE GETTING THE ORIGINAL SPLIT-ENDER MAXI KIT!!! PLEASE BEWARE!!!



Dear Customers,

BEWARE OF KNOCK OFFS AND COUNTERFEITS! They are made cheaper with poor quality parts and do not work. See how to identify the Original 2004 Split-Ender by Revo versus the Counterfeit Split-Ender by Revo by visiting this link! For more information click here!

The New & Improved Split-Ender Maxi Kit is not available in stores or any place else but here. The Split-Ender Official Website!

New Surgy-Trim System™ (STS™) technology safely trims the ends of the hair where damaged hair ends and split ends starts while preserving the beautiful, long, healthy hair, insuring that all the ends (with and without split ends) are trimmed, new and healthy, preventing future split ends from coming back.


The Split-Ender unique patented hair plate is specially designed to guide the "hair strands" to uniformly flow in and out the strand guards and safely into the blades, guiding each and every hair in a straight motion, forcing them to stand straight up. When reaching the center of the hair plate the blades to snip the tips by 1/8" to 1/4", trimming the ends where burned, dry, damaged ends and split ends are more likely to be found. All this while preserving and leaving the long, beautiful and healthy hair strands untouched.





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LEGAL NOTICE: This invention was created by Victor C. Talavera and is protected by law under U.S. Patent # 5,884,402, U.S. Patent # 6,588,108, U.S. Patent # 7,040,021, Europe EP-Patent # 1,381,496, Canada Pat. # 2,444,497, Australia Pat. # 2002254637, China & Hong Kong Pat. # ZL 02 8 08380.6, Taiwan Pat. # 224 543. Other Worldwide Patents & Trademark Pending!

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